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Accept the packaging materials of plastic bottles?(2)

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(7) Drop test, this is a question of whether the simulated product is resistant to drops, and it is also applicable to e-commerce channels. Everyone feels upset, or the express delivery is very violent. If expensive cosmetics fall into one place, it is very stressful, so this is especially important. Generally, it falls down several times by about 1 meter to see if the components are loose. , Damaged, if every fall is broken, then the bottle must be seriously considered whether to continue to use it.


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(8) Coding code: Coding code is still very important. If your product code is not clear, or a bunch of them fall off after a while, consumers can’t see it clearly after buying it, which is also very depressing. , This can be glued with 3M glue to see if it falls off. There is no big problem if you can see the inkjet code clearly after 3M glue.

(9) Transportation turbulence: This generally needs to simulate the transportation platform to simulate the situation that occurs during the transportation of the product. If not, you can only try to drop the reference result.

(10) Light test, this is the most important for the products sold on the shelf, some bottles are of poor quality, and the color changes seriously after a period of light.

(11) Material resistance to solvents: This test is generally done because consumers are worried that the material is dug out and the bottle is obtained, and the bottle appears to be painted off. Imagine that the cosmetics are used and the material is less. The bottle can't see the text...So, apply a little corresponding material on the surface of the bottle, wipe off the material every 12 or 48 hours to observe the phenomenon of paint peeling of the product, or you can use your hand or 3M glue to see. No paint drop or word drop phenomenon. Or in minor cases, it is actually within the acceptable range.

(12) Compatible stability test, general test 2-3 months, a set of matching, can be set, room temperature, 50°C, 45°C, -10°C, see if the material body and packaging material have major changes or changes Explain that the product is unstable or the packaging material has problems, and specific analysis.

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(13) Alcohol test: Generally, cosmetics OEM factories will more or less use alcohol to disinfect their cosmetics. Generally, they will be soaked in 75% alcohol for 30 seconds, dried naturally, and then tested with 3M glue. After the test, the text and pattern It is qualified if it does not affect normal reading.

(14) Fluorescence test: This requires a fluorescent lamp to test. Generally, white bottles usually have fluorescent agents, but migratory fluorescent agents are more terrible. Non-migrating fluorescent agents actually have little effect. Just ask the supplier.

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